Extended Team Profile

Please complete the profile below to begin creating your full-page team profile. If you have any questions, please contact Nicole at [email protected]

Before beginning the online form, let’s review all of the information you’ll need so you can complete it in one sitting.

  • The school or team website
  • The team’s Twitter handle
  • Classification, District and 2018 record
  • Enrollment
  • Names of entire coaching staff
  • Number of returning players (offense and defense)
  • Top 15 players (name, class, position)
  • A PDF or Word doc with the full roster
  • Headshots for the 8 players you want to feature (along with name and class)
  • 2019 Schedule (up to 14 games)

We also have a Q&A section as well as a page to upload photos such as action shots or team portraits. The more information you can give us in the Q&A section, the more thorough we can be in our full-page preview. We also ask that all images are hi-res (300+ DPI, 300+ KB). This means you’ll need the original images rather than a photo that has been uploaded to a website, as those are typically scaled down for web publication and are not print quality.

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