Announcing the 2015 Football Team Moms of the Year Contest Finalists

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2015 Football Team Moms of the Year Contest

We all know how important the football mom is to the success of a football team. They are undoubtedly every program’s biggest fans.

So to acknowledge these important contributors, FNF Magazine has set out to determine the school that boasts the best collection of football team moms in each of our FNF states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas. One school will be selected in each, via online voting. This will only happen if fans in each community go online and vote – and then spread the word to your friends and family. After all, the winning school in each state will win a $1,000 donation.

The FNF Magazine staff narrowed the pool of schools to a list of finalists in each state on Sept. 21. As of that date until the contest’s conclusion on Oct. 22, voters will be able to see live results by clicking on the VIEW RESULTS tab. Please note that the voting does not reset in Round 2 of the Team Moms Contest. The votes from Round 1 will be factored in the final voting. Each school’s tally from Round 1 is listed next to the school name. Those votes will be added to the tallies from Round 2. The school that generates the most votes in Rounds 1 and 2 combined will be named winner after the Oct. 22 deadline.

The winning school will be notified by phone and once the prize is accepted, it will be posted on the website and shared via social media.

Official Prizes:

CASH PRIZE: A $1,000 donation will be made to the high school booster club on behalf of FNF and Samsung.
FEATURE STORY: A photo of the team’s Team Moms and an article will appear in their respective edition of 2016 FNF magazine.

After you’ve voted, check back regularly to track your team’s progress. And register here for our other contest to win a free Samsung Washer and Dryer with activewash™ 

Voting has concluded. We’ll announce the winners soon!



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