Code of Conduct

FNF‘s Fling ‘n’ Fly tournament has the responsibility to assure its players, teams, coaches, fans, parents and staffers the safest, most sportsmanlike event possible. To ensure that all aspects of true sportsmanship are adhered to, there will be strict adherence to the general standards of fair play. Your actions on and off the field can reflect both positively and negatively upon many people, including: yourself, your family, your coaches, your school, your community.

We expect you to accept defeat and savor victory with class. We expect you to respect your opponent. We expect you to be a role model for youngsters.

Profanity and vulgarity are unacceptable. Any form of racial slur or insult will not be tolerated.

Players, coaches, parents and guardians, fans and all others involved in the event are expected to show good sportsmanship, ethical conduct, and fair play for the duration of the tournament.

All Participants Should:

  • Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.
  • Comments of ethnic, racial or sexual nature are prohibited.
  • Refrain from intimidating behavior, including taunting and showboating.
  • Players will not be allowed to wear jewelry of any kind.

Respecting Game Officials

Berating of officials will not be tolerated. Any physical contact with any official will results in removal of player and team from tournament. If coaches have physical contact with any official they will be ejected from the tournament and if their team does not have an assistant coach to take over as an interim head coach the team will be forced to withdraw from the event.

Code of Conduct Breaches

All instances of poor sportsmanship will be addressed immediately. The referee’s judgment will be in final in all cases.

Rules and Regulations

Field of Play

  • Field is 40-yards in length with a legal size end zone.
  • Playing field consists of two 15-yard zones and a 10-yard “red zone”. Each team gets three downs in Zones 1 and 2 to get a first down and four downs to score in Zone 3.
  • All field markings will be present.

Starting the Game

  • Team captain or representative must be present to meet with officials for coin toss.
  • “Home” team has option to be on offense or defense.
  • Each team will have equal “home” and “away” games in pool play and the highest-seeded team will be considered the “home” team in elimination play.


  • Each game will be 24 minutes in length-continuous play
  • The clock will continue to run (unless there is a special circumstance such as an injury). A five-and-two-minute warning in addition to a 30-second warning will be given prior to the ending of the game.
  • The quarterback will have four seconds from the snap to release the ball (the count will be ‘one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand..sack.)
  • The 25 second clock will be enforced in all games. The 25 second clock starts once the previous play is blown dead, the offensive team is responsible for getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage. The officials will be responsible for keeping the game moving on time.

Basic Rules

  • This is a Seven-on-Seven passing Tournament.
  • Each team will wear their team jersey (bring both white and dark jersey). Cleats are recommended for each player. (Teams Dry-Fit Uniforms are allowed but please bring a light and dark uniform kit)
  • All teams are limited to a maximum of 20 players
  • No blocking. Blocking will constitute a loss of down.
  • Offenses may have only 5 eligible, plus QB and OC.
  • No throw backs to quarterbacks are allowed – the QB cannot do anything but throw the ball.
  • No Laterals
  • A “Sack” constitutes a 5 yard penalty and move to the next down. If sack occurs at beginning line we simply go to the next down. Example- Sack occurs at 40-yd line (beginning line) on 1st down the only penalty is the loss of down and we move to 2nd down.
  • Sack occurs in the field of play, Offense is penalized five yards and we move to the next down.
  • Defenders may “Bump” or “Press” receivers only once within 5 yards of the L.O.S.
  • When playing “press” coverage, there must be a 2 yard cushion between the receiver and the defender. No hands to the face or head, risk a penalty for unnecessary roughness.
  • Defensive holding is not allowed, offensive team is awarded five yards and automatic 1st down
  • Defenders need only to touch receivers/backs with one hand. Excessive force will be penalized and risk suspension. (see also: unnecessary roughness)
  • All defensive backs must start no deeper than 12 yards. Linebackers cannot begin deeper than 5 yards.
  • Any unnecessary roughness penalty will be an automatic first down at the start of the next zone or half the distant to the goal line in zone 3. Multiple offenses by the same player may lead to ejection from game and/or tournament.
  • Absolutely no tackling will be tolerated or physical play towards another player.
  • The following offensive penalties will be enforced: (5 Yds.)
    • Illegal formation
    • Illegal procedure
    • Illegal motion
  • On completion of round robin play, tournament staff will determine teams seeding into a single elimination tournament. Seed from round robin will be determined by:
    • Win – Lose record
    • Points Scored
    • Points allowed
  • In Round Robin play if the score is tied at the conclusion of the game it will be considered a tie.
  • In Tournament Play if the score is tied at the conclusion of the game the following “Tie Breaker” will go into effect.
    • “Home” team has the choice to be on offense or defense
    • Offense gets one series that will start at the 40-yard line. If they score they have the option to go for 1-point or 2-point conversion.
    • Next team gets one series that will start at the 40-yard line. If they score they have the option to go for 1-point or 2-point conversion.
    • If game still tied flip rotation, visiting team gets option to be on offense or defense
    • Continue until a winner is determined

Ball Movement

  • There will be no running plays. The ball must be passed from behind L.O.S., within 4 seconds or it will be ruled a sack.
  • Each team will receive three downs in Zones 1 & 2 and four downs in Zone 3.
  • If you line up in the shotgun formation, you must snap the ball to the QB and the sack count starts on the snap.
  • The ball will be placed inside the hash at the yard line gained or the beginning line for that zone.
  • When a touchdown is scored 6 points will be awarded
  • Following a touchdown. The scoring team will choose a 1 point conversion or a 2 point conversion. The one point conversion L.O.S. is the 5-yard line. The 2-point conversion L.O.S. is the 10-yard line. (See chart)
  • An interception is a dead ball and will result in a turnover. The intercepting team will take over possession of the ball at the beginning line located on the 45 yard line. 3-points awarded to the defensive team.
  • The referee will call Pass interference.
  • Defensive pass interference will result in the following options:
    • Result of play
    • Automatic 1st down in the next zone.
    • When pass interference occurs in the end zone the ball will be placed on the 3 yard line and the offense will be awarded a new set of four downs.
    • Offensive pass interference will result in a loss of down.
  • All applicable rules from the National Federation rule book apply


  • Touchdown = 6 pts.
  • 1 point conversion = 1 pt. From 5 yard line
  • 2 point conversion = 2 pt. From 10 yard line
  • Defensive Interception = 3 pts
  • Defensive stop, no interception = 2 pts


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