Advertise your business in FNF Tampa Bay magazine

By placing your ad next to your local high school’s team preview you are connecting your company with high school football, receiving local exposure within your community while helping FNF deliver local, exclusive and unique journalism to football fans in our area.

Your $295 purchase makes a financial impact because it guarantees 100 free magazines will be provided to the football team you are advertising with for them to use for fundraising. This will allow the football team to generate up to $1,500 in profit without incurring any cost.

YOU CHOOSE YOUR HIGH SCHOOL: Your advertisement will be placed next to the high school of your choice.

RETAIL DISTRIBUTION: FNF Tampa Bay is distributed across Bay area and is sold in major retailers including Publix. Magazines are also provided to each school to distribute in the preseason.

COMMUNITY REACH: FNF Tampa Bay magazine works as a marketing tool because it reaches a player’s “circle of influence” – those people closest to him – Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts and uncles and close family friends. It is also distributed as both a print and digital magazine which increases the impressions your company will receive.

COLLECTOR’S ITEM: The magazine is produced to be a collector’s item so it stays on the coffee tables for years to come.

THE COST?: A one-time payment of $295, not due until July.

READY TO SIGN UP? Below is a simple online form you can fill out to secure your place in this year’s special edition We hope you decide to join the FNF Tampa Bay family.

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