Know Someone Who Wants to Put Their High School Football Team on the Front Cover of FNF Magazine in 2017?

If you can help make it happen you can earn $250 as a result.

Learn how below…

THE OPPORTUNITY: FNF magazine is looking for individuals that want to get their high school or neighboring high schools on the cover of FNF Magazine.

OPEN TO: This offer applies to any football-minded individuals.

BEST FITS: Team Photographers, Football Dads and Moms, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Booster Club representatives, Entrepreneurs

THE JOB: Work with FNF magazine to identify schools interested in having their team on the front cover. No selling skills required. If you find a school interested, and our FNF representative is able to get them on board, you receive the cash commission of $200.

SELLING PERIOD: This program is sold from December through March, so anyone interested should contact us right away.

See How the Program Works

ABOUT THE CUSTOM COVER PROJECT: This is a fundraising program that allows a school to receive a customized magazine with four school-specific cover pages, an exclusive full-page team preview inside the magazine plus 300 or more copies. The school can pre-sell the magazines (with the option to sell advertising as well) and earn up to $5,000 in profit plus have a great collector’s item to share with their players, families and fans.

LEARN MORE: customcoverproject.com


AND MORE: New for 2017, FNF magazine launched the Team Preview Project which allows team to receive a full or half-page team preview and 50 or 100 magazines for the players and parents. This program provides a commission of $75 for a half-page preview and $125 for a full-page team preview commitment.

LEARN MORE: teampreviewproject.com

SIGN UP: If you are interested in learning more about how to earn some extra income this winter and work with the FNF team, please complete the form below and we will contact you to further discuss the opportunity.

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