Northland Christian (TX) Gets Creative In Team Moms Contest

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Schools looking to earn $1,000 for their respective football programs might look to Northland Christian High in Northland, Texas, for guidance.

The Northland Christian Christian Booster Club has started a social media campaign to drum up support for the school in the 2015 FNF Magazine Samsung Team Moms Contest. The Northland Christian Team Moms have taken to Twitter to periodically update what appears will be a Top 10 list of reasons to vote for the @cougarfanatics in the contest.

The creative Team Moms appear determined to help FNF Magazine find the best collection of football team moms in Texas. However, there is room for other Team Moms to win, as a $1,000 donation is available to one school in each of our FNF states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Texas and the Carolinas. To learn more about the contest, visit our main contest page.

Here is a sampling of ways this fun group of moms are trying to bring home the big prize:



Voting will be open from July 1, 2015 until October 22, 2015 and is limited to one vote per person. Each Friday until October 22, we will post updated results for each state. To view those results, click your state in the main contest page or one of the links below.

To view the beginnings of Northland Christian’s list of top 10 reason to vote for @cougarfanatics, visit the school’s Twitter account here.



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