FNF Incubator: Looking for an assist?

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New FNF Program Looks to Partner with Coaches Looking to Launch or Promote a Great Idea

FNF is looking for coaches who have great ideas but need a little help bringing those ideas to fruition.

If you are a coach who is always kicking around an idea for a new product, app or foundation, we want to hear from you in our FNF Incubator.

As part of our partnership in helping to make these ideas a reality, we will sign a confidentiality agreement prior to any type of discussion.

“A coach is in the trenches and knows better than anyone how something should work,” said FNF Magazine Publisher Craig Baroncelli. “So it only makes sense to work directly with coaches to create ground-breaking concepts – both big and small.”

FNF Magazine will provide support in forming partnerships with vendors, marketing and product placement. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any idea – even the most ambitious. No idea is out of the realm of possibility.

Contact Baroncelli at 727-209-1750 or [email protected]



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