FNF Georgia Magazine will be shipped this week

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FNF15 GA Cover

FNF Georgia Magazine will shipped from our St. Petersburg, FL office this week. Those who completed online orders should expect their magazines as early as next week — depending on your postal carrier’s passion for high school football.

The magazines will also be available on newsstands by July 27. Find out where you can buy the magazine in stores here: https://fnfmagazine.com/fnf-in-walmart/

FNF Magazine is produced by St. Petersburg, FL-based A.E. Engine, a magazine publishing and marketing company that produces high school football previews in Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama under the FNF brand.

The 2015 edition of FNF Magazine marks the sixth production of the annual publication and includes 453 team previews for the various teams across the two states. Order the publication online here: https://fnfmagazine.com/order-online/

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