FNF Events Unveils 2016 Florida Lineup

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We at Friday Night Football Magazine believe high school football is a classroom in which athletes learn about commitment, teamwork, accountability and excellence. FNF Events connects athletes and fans with those learning experiences through cost-effective, experiential high school events.

The Friday Night Football Campus Tour

Our annual tour is a marketing program that connects companies with high school students, families and fans during Friday night football games. Now in its eighth year, the FNF Campus Tour has interacted with hundreds of thousands of high schools fans since its inception.IMG_0830

Our sponsors determine the stops at some of the biggest rivalry games in our coverage areas. We entertain fans with contests and interactive games. Fans receive prizes and other free merchandise. This program will run from September to November of 2016.

Partnership opportunities include naming rights, presentation honors, sponsorship and media partnerships.

Learn more at www.FNFCampusTour.com.



The RecruitBomb Camp Series

The RecruitBomb Camp Series is a competitive and educational one-day camp environment for athletes in grades 7 through 11. The Series gives athletes a chance to show off their skills as amateur football players while gaining experience and exposure from top instructors. This low-pressure environment allows young athletes to learn and make mistakes.Recruit Bomb Image

FNF Events will host six Florida camps in 2016. Florida area high schools will serve as host sites, and family members are encouraged to attend. Our expert coaching staff will provide constructive feedback. At the end of the camp, FNF Events will provide VIP gift bags for each of the 100-150 players in attendance.

Learn more at www.RecruitBomb.com.

The Schedule

Jan. 30 | South Florida | Host: TBD

Feb. 13 | Jacksonville | Host: TBD

March 12 | North-Central Florida  | Host: TBD

March 19 | Polk County | Host: TBD

April 9 | Tampa Bay  | Host: TBD

April 16 | Manataee / Sarasota |  Host: TBD


The FNF Fling ‘N’ Fly Tournament Series

The FNF Fling “N” Fly Tournament Series creates cost-effective, competitive 7v7 non-contact summer football tournaments for area high schools. FNF will debut its Fling ‘N’ Fly Tournament Series with its “Tournament of Kings” event, which will determine the best 7v7 high school football team in Tampa Bay.Fling N Fly

The “Tournament of Kings” will include three one-day tournaments featuring six counties in June and July. VIP gift bags will be provided for each of the 500-plus student-athletes per event.

Partnership opportunities include naming rights, presentation honors, sponsorship, on-site sampling, player bags, media partnerships, scholarship opportunities and trophy presentations.

“The Tournament of Kings” will pit teams from the North (Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk counties) against each other in a one-day 7v7, non-contact football tournament event, and then do the same for teams in the South (Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota counties) in a separate tournament.

The top four “kings” from the North and the South tournaments then advance to the inaugural Tournament of Kings championship which will crown one champion, with the winning team receiving $1,000 in prizes and the designation as “King.”

Learn more at www.FlingNFly.com.

The Schedule

Kings of the North (Hillsborough, Pasco, Polk)

June 2016 | Host: TBD

Kings of the South (Pinellas, Manatee, Sarasota)

June 2016 | Host: TBD

Tournament of Kings (Championship)

July 2016 | Host: TBD










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