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FNF Florida believes a “Fan is a Fan”

While others focus attention and investment on pro and collegiate sports fans, FNF utilizes its integrated print, digital and event marketing solutions to target your message to the high school audience. FNF’s audience is linked by a deep-rooted, meaningful passion for the respective high school they not only follow, but also represent. FNF develops and executes cost effective, experiential high school marketing platforms that create unique branding and ROI “exposure points” for our partners, and memories for our fan base.

Own a part of Friday nights this fall

We can connect you with the Florida high school football audience:

541 High Schools
24,300 players
Thousands of coaches
Tens of thousands of parents, family members
More than 1.08 million fans

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Print & Digital Magazines

FNF magazine is published and distributed as a preseason preview magazine  to high school football families, players, coaches and fans in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, North and South Carolina. Both a print and digital edition are produced annually.

Editorial Opportunities

FNF magazine provides its partners opportunities to extend their message beyond advertising. This includes unique editorial, photographic and product placement opportunities.

Return on Investment Program

FNF-ROIInvolvement in the FNF Instant ROI Program guarantees sales. The Instant ROI Program is a multi-platform, content marketing strategy that guarantees its results in the form of tangible sales of your product.

FNF Campus Tours
FNF Campus Tour logo

The Friday Night Football Campus Tour is an event marketing program that connects companies with high school students, families and fans during Friday night football games.

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