Customize FNF Magazine For Your Team in 2017

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Friday Night Football Magazine is giving coaches an opportunity to make the magazine their own.

FNF Magazine is offering schools a chance to receive maximum exposure in the 2017 edition by not only featuring their players on the cover, but providing a full-page team preview on the inside of the magazine. FNF Magazine has been offering the Custom Cover Project to schools for seven years, and many coaches now use this as an annual fundraiser for their respective programs.

“It’s good for anything from $6,000 to more than $7,000 per year, and we can spend it as we need,” said Berean Christian (FL) head coach Brad Carney. “We do some team meals on Fridays so the kids don’t go home before the game. We do a team dinner at the end of the year.”

Schools that sign up for the Custom Cover Project (no money down until June 2017) will receive a FULL-PAGE TEAM PREVIEW in the 2017 edition of FNF Magazine. Our team will work with you to write and design this special page that only 10 schools in the state will receive.

As is the case every year, the FNF Custom Cover Project allows schools to customize the cover to feature players and coaches. Schools also receive three additional full-page cover pages, a team preview inside the magazine and 400 copies to sell to fans.

“I feel we’ve been successful because all of our kids appear on the magazine, regardless of varsity or sub-varsity,” said Veterans Memorial (TX) coach David Cantu. “Our method is to have all of our seniors on the front cover, juniors on the inside cover, sophomores on the inside back cover, and we use the back cover for our schedule and action shots.”

Successful schools are able to give players the magazines for free and sell the rest for $10 per copy. If a coach is able to secure advertising revenue by selling local businesses ads on the allotted cover pages, a school can make close to $10,000 as a fundraiser.

“I want to say we charged $10, and after a while, we dropped it to $5,” said Seagraves (TX) coach Steve Heryford. “We already made money through our sponsors, so we were clear before we ever sold a magazine. Everything else was extra.”

Read testimonials from three coaches that have made the Custom Cover Project a part of their programs.

Veterans Memorial (TX) coach David Cantu: We ‘get a kick out of seeing our kids on the cover’

Berean Christian (FL) coach Brad Carney: CCP raises ‘$6,000 to more than $7,000 per year’

Seagraves (TX) coach Steve Heryford: ‘It makes sense to do it every year’

FNF Magazine is limiting the early bird program with the FULL-PAGE TEAM PREVIEW to 10 schools per state. If you are interested we hope you will act now by contacting publisher Craig Baroncelli at [email protected] or 727.209.1750. If you are familiar with the Custom Cover Project and want to sign up right now, please do so at




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