FNF Cover Boy Contest

Nomination Round

High school football season is rapidly approaching and Friday Night Football (FNF) Magazine is looking to give the coaches and fans a voice in this year’s cover selection process.

This year, we are going to have a fan-vote for the players to appear on the cover of FNF magazine. The player must be eligible to play high school football in the fall of 2018. At the conclusion of our nomination process on March 16, we will post our list of nominees at FNFMagazine.com and fans can vote for their favorite players. The four players that receive the most votes before the conclusion of the contest on March 30 will appear on our 2018 magazine cover.

FNF Magazine includes extensive school previews, complemented by feature stories, player statistics and recruiting information as well as predictions and rankings of every kind.

Please nominate your selection for the FNF Magazine cover boy in the form below.


Thank you for your interest! We have concluded the nomination round and will be announcing the finalists shortly. Check back here to vote for your favorite player!

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