Coach Cantu: Custom Cover Project ‘is an excellent product’

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Friday Night Football Magazine had Q&A sessions with three coaches to find out how the Custom Cover Project worked for their respective schools. Veterans Memorial (Texas) coach David Cantu signed on for the Custom Cover Project for the second year in a row in 2015.

What motivated you to bring the Custom Cover Project to Brownsville Veterans Memorial?

“This particular high school football preview magazine is an excellent product and people in the Rio Grande Valley love their high school football. The kids and community enjoy the magazine and get a kick out of seeing our kids on the cover.”

How many magazines are you able to sell?

“We were able to sell over 500 the first year and just over 400 the second year. We sold less because we graduated a large senior class and brought in a small freshmen class. We give each player the goal of selling four magazines, and the vast majority of our kids are able to do that since we sell them for a reasonable cost, which is $10. I feel we’ve been successful because all of our kids appear on the magazine, regardless of varsity or sub-varsity. Our method is to have all of our seniors on the front cover, juniors on the inside cover, sophomores on the inside back cover, and we use the back cover for our schedule and action shots.”

Were you initially nervous about bringing the Custom Cover Project to Brownsville due to the up-front cost?

“Since we are in a city that ranks as one of the lowest in socio-economic status in the nation, yes, I was a bit nervous. However, our community strongly supports our football kids and the price we would be selling at is very reasonable. The biggest thing was being sure every boy in our program would be pictured somewhere in the magazine.”

Who takes the photos for the cover?

“We (coaches) take the pictures ourselves. The yearbook club allows us to borrow their camera, and we just have our own SD card. The directions you guys provide are easy to follow.”

Have you considered selling ad space inside the magazine?

“I’ve never done advertising. I probably have some companies that would, but I feel like that’s wasting space a little bit. I want to get the kids in there.”

How many kids do you have on the team?

“We have 125 kids. The one thing I’d like to do in the future is include the guys that will be freshmen the following season. We have one middle school, so I just have to go over there in the spring.”

Is it difficult to ask your players to sell four copies each?

“I give them a yellow folder with a seal. I have the card that you provide us. I write a letter that explains that this is a way for the Veterans Charger football club to make money for the things we can’t get. This is a magazine that features us. They’ll have a special story for us. A very tiny handful of kids can’t sell that amount.”

Do you make a profit?

“We made about $2,000 profit – maybe a little more. We use it for pregame meals. I have a banquet at the end of the year, and we don’t have to pay for the facility because of this fundraiser. We also have to pay $600 for four pages in the yearbook for the football team, so this helps with that. We can sell t-shirts to our players at a limited cost, maybe $2 per shirt.”




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