FNF Ohio 2018

Cade Stover, Tanner Holden Headline the 2nd Annual Edition of FNF Ohio

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FNF Ohio 2018

High school football season is almost here, and Friday Night Football Ohio Magazine marks the occasion with its second annual print edition.

Friday Night Football Ohio, or FNF Ohio, is produced annually by A.E. Engine, a publishing company that produces similar high school football previews in Florida and Georgia under the FNF brand.

FNF Ohio includes 80 oversized, full-color pages and contains features and in-depth previews of 720 high school football programs. The extensive school previews are complemented by feature stories, player statistics, recruiting information as well as predictions.

The theme of the second annual edition is “FNF Ohio: A to Z”, as the magazine features a look at the players, coaches, behind-the-scenes volunteers and part-time employees that make high school football so great – one for each letter of the alphabet. The magazine’s cover subjects, Cade Stover, Lexington; Clayton Takacs, Grand Valley; Tanner Holden, Wheelersburg; Jowon Briggs, Walnut Hills, were selected with help from the fans, who voted in the FNF Coverboy Contest.

This edition also features full-page team previews for select schools across the state. Schools that received full page team previews were part of the FNF Ohio Custom Cover Project, a fundraiser which allows teams to receive special edition magazines.

FNF Ohio Magazine is available at traditional newsstand outlets and high school campuses statewide. Fans can also purchase the magazine online.


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